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Scott Ledger

Sunrise Host Scott Ledger

Sunrise Host Scott Ledger

As the host for Sunrise America on ATRN my vision goes like this. It will always have a diverse pallet of topics and information. To me great talk radio contains, first and foremost, Entertainment. Entertaining you is always #1 on a great show, always! Then comes Information. With Science, Energy Solutions, Health and Medicine, to Technology, Spirituality and Religion, History, Food, Politics and Alternative Media/Ideas just to name a few. And let’s not forget the fun stuff like Pop Culture, Entertainment and Sports. Let’s face it, life is tough enough and we need our hobbies and distractions, I know I do. But most importantly, great talk radio leaves you with these 2 things. Inspiration and Hope. The more we know as a society, the better off we all are and stories of inspiration and hope never get old. I am really big on critical thinking. It drives us into a more prosperous world for the many. I can promise you that between myself, my co-hosts and a huge stable of compelling guests, you’ll hear more than one opinion on Sunrise America. Also I have to admit, I do enjoy pushing peoples buttons a little and I hope after checking us out, you’ll be pushing our button on your radio, device or the Net and keep coming back~ Scott Ledger

“We are all looking forward to Scott sitting in the host chair at America’s Talk Radio Network as he intends to bring a full course breakfast of topics to everyone every morning, every weekday live on Sunrise America”, states Jon Patch, VP Affiliate Relations and Programming, America’s Talk Radio Network. Listen for John Cremeans the current host of Sunrise America and his one hour news magazine show coming to a radio station near you soon.