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My Cool Inventions


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Our search for “America’s Top Invention” never ends and we will continue with a new Genesis – Search for America’s Top Invention for 2014 to be announced after the first of the year with an even bigger prize! We’re Lifting American Families…One Innovation…One Invention…One American at a Time. Do you have a hundred million dollar product idea floating around in your head? Submit you product and you could possibly be on our radio show – My Cool Inventions Radio! Akos Jankura ‘The Solutionist’ and John Cremeans ‘The Doctor of Shopology’ will provide their over 60 years of expert advice on the industry of inventing products and how to successfully produce your product from inception to retail! Along with great information and featured industry guests you’ll also get a chance to listen to the inventors of some of the coolest inventions and vote on their success! It’s truly ‘Reality Radio’ where you decide! 

The My Cool Inventions Radio Network offers many sponsorship opportunities for potential partners. Currently the network is continuing to expand it’s reach weekly opening new markets and potential listeners! Heard Saturdays from 4-7 PM and Monday Through Friday 9-11AM  in most markets by over 200,000 listeners the show’s current possible reach is in the 10′s of millions!


Network Sponsorships

Hour 1 – Invention Hour

  • Title Sponsorship
  • MCI Academy

Hour 2 and 3 – Inventor’s Showcase

  • Title Sponsorship

Expert Interview MCI Academy

Live interview during the MCI Academy for 6-8 Minutes. This is an opportunity to present your product and services to our national audience that is interested in Inventions, Entrepreneurism and Product Purchasing.

Radio Shop Segment

8 Minute pod at the end of Hour 1. Get your product showcased to our national network audience by Electronic Retailing’s Top Live Shopping Guest Akos Jankura and Television Shopping Pioneering Host John Cremeans. They will pitch to perfection, explain and demonstrate your product over the airwaves and get immediate results!

Inventor’s Showcase

My Cool Inventions Radio Hour 2 is devoted to presenting and selling unique and interesting products by pitch experts Akos ‘The Solutionist’ and John ‘The Doctor of Shopology’. They will pitch for an average of 6-9 minutes on each product. There is a total of 6 product pods available.

Social Media Feeds

All sponsorship levels will obtain inclusion in our social media feeds. Currently our Twitter properties put out on average 700,000 – 800,000 impressions a week.

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