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Dr. Gordon Anic

Dr. Goran Anic

Gordon Anic started this radio show as a means to motivate people to improve their health and enjoy life more. Gordon has been working as a pastor for twenty five years and has extensive experience in helping people overcome obstacles and achieve goals. He received his doctorate in ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. At the age of 55 Gordon stays fit and in shape by spending hours on his bicycle and enjoying hikes in the Rocky Mountains.Pastor Anic teaches that the greatest asset you will ever posses is your physical body and your health. He also believes that anyone can greatly improve quality of their life by making simple lifestyle changes.
Dr. Anic is joined by Pastor Milos Tomic as a cohost. Milos is a martial arts enthusiast and is currently training for a triathlon. Pastor Tomic has been working with Gordon for the last seven years and his specialty is working with young people and helping them make the right choices.