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America’s Talk Radio Network Features

America’s Talk Radio Network is offering features on a barter and market exclusive basis to stations across the country. Current affiliates will have first right of refusal on these and future segments.

The features are:

  • News For You - A daily 5-minute feature, Monday through Friday, presenting David Weiss’ own unique spin on National and world news, featuring up-to-the-minute headlines, commentary, human interest stories and humor. “News For You” leaves listeners informed, enlightened, and entertained, delivered in David’s signature style.
  • Animals Today Minute – Dr. Lori Kirshner each week provides tips and advice to help and protect all animals, while promoting increased compassion and respect for them. From cats and dogs to elephants and apes, we cover it all.
  • Commuter Life - Commuter Life with host Tim Hern is packed with timely information aimed at the commuter about making that commute work for you.
  • The Solutionist Akos Jankura in 60-seconds everyday poses life’s mysteries and then offers an always-surprising, sometimes shocking solution.
  • American Healthcare Tip Cary Hall each day effectively and factually discusses the political side of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as well as its impact to consumers, hospitals, doctors, patients, families, small and large businesses and the insurance industry.
  • OddPlanet - National Television & Radio Host John Cremeans looks at the odd news stories of the day that are on TV or read on the internet, each day giving you his own personal take on the news.
  • Slice of Life - A daily 2-minute look at those shared experiences and stories that make us smile, make us think, and drive us crazy. David Weiss provides observations on the people, places and things we encounter every day; an offbeat, informative and entertaining ‘slice of life’.
  • Car Care For The Clueless - Pam Oakes is a nationally recognized automotive author, automotive patent holder, automotive speaker and is a nationally syndicated radio personality specializing in automotive consumer education reaching millions Coast-to-Coast every week day.
  • A Minute of Constitutionally Speaking - Dave Shestokas on a daily basis informs Americans regarding the sources and origins of the Constitution from the Preamble to the 27th Amendment to aid them in understanding how this document, that is not Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, but AMERICAN, affects our lives today.
  • Minute Report For America - This highly regarded news segment offers your listeners an enthralling and unique “insider” look into the challenges facing America today. Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., J.D., the editor-in-chief of the New York Analysis of Policy & Government, brings his 30 years of experience in government and professional writing and broadcast journalism to daily radio.
  • The Risk Takers-Kip Marlow each day enchants us with one minute stories about entrepreneurs, their failures, sacrifices and ultimate success.
  • Cooking Minute with Mimi – Food Hero Mimi Kozma is adding another notch to her master home chef apron. Each week, Mimi will leave her listeners with an invaluable cooking tip, and insight into the latest food trends or impart a mini-lesson on successful food planning and entertaining.

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