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ATRN Shows reach a diverse audience across America. We can help you solidify your brand and create an emotional bond with the target audience that is most likely to be your potential client.

  • Radio reaches 232 million listeners per week!
  • Radio reaches the Educated and Affluent
  • Ninety six percent of Adults age 25-54 with a college degree tune into radio over the course of a week.

Hot Off the Press

The April 2014 Audio Today report reveals that the national radio listening audience has hit an all-time high, with over 244 million Americans (age 12 or older) tuning in each week.  Nielsen also devoted the majority of the report to examining the 71 million African American and Hispanic listeners (nearly a third of the total national audience) who happen to be some of radio’s most engaged listeners. A few selected highlights:

  • The national radio audience continues to grow and has reached an all-time high of 244.4 million Americans (aged 12+) listening to radio on a weekly basis.
  • African American and Hispanic audiences have also reached an all-time high; 71 million of radio’s weekly national listeners are from one of these ethnic groups, which combined account for nearly a third of the total weekly radio audience in the U.S.
  • Radio reaches more than 90% of nearly all African American and Hispanic demographic groups on a weekly basis.
  • These multicultural listeners each spend more than 12 hours each week tuning to radio, making them some of the medium’s most engaged listeners, in markets both large and small.
  • Urban Adult Contemporary was the most popular form of radio among African Americans in 2013, followed by Urban Contemporary and Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio.
  • Among Hispanics, Mexican Regional was the most listened-to format last year, followed by Pop Contemporary Hit Radio and Spanish Contemporary + Spanish Hot Adult Contemporary.

Says Nielsen in the report: “This growth is remarkable considering the variety and number of media choices available to consumers today over-the-air and online via smartphones, tablets, notebooks/desktop computers and digital dashboards. Radio’s hyper-local nature uniquely serves each market which keeps it tied strongly to our daily lives no matter how (or where) we tune in.

The radio landscape is also a diverse community of listeners from every corner of America, who reflect the same population trends of the country as a whole. Radio is one of the original mass mediums and as the U.S. population grows and the makeup of our citizens change, radio audiences follow suit.
Alongside the national growth headline, both African American and Hispanic audiences have also reached a historic high with more than 71 million tuning in each week. Growth is a popular word today in America, whether you’re talking about the stock market, entertainment choices, or census trends. Through it all, radio consumption continues to increase; nearly 92% of all Americans 12 or older are tuning to radio in an average week. That’s 244.4 million of us, a record high!
The focus for this quarter’s Audio Today report is the African American and Hispanic listener; combined these listeners account for nearly a third (29.6%) of the total national audience. These multicultural audiences are highly engaged with radio all across the country, in markets large and small, where more than three thousand different stations program to them specifically.

Radio’s hyper-local nature means the choices and media habits of audiences in each market are unique. As we look around the country at cities with both established ethnic populations as well as those where the populations are growing, it’s clear that African American and Hispanic radio listeners are influenced by the distinct content offerings in each local market as they make radio a part of their daily lives.