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Constitutionally Speaking for 03/29/2015

Dave Shestokas started writing for an online magazine and soon realized Americans did not have a deep understanding of their rights or their Constitution. Constitutionally Speaking’s goal is to bring the Constitution alive and explain the origins, purposes and philosophy of the document. While these days many Americans either yell at or talk past one another, they should have common ground in the Constitution!

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The Rabbi and the Reverend for 03/29/2015

The Rabbi and The Reverend program with Rabbi Daniel Cohen and Reverend Greg Doll is heard live Sunday’s at 4pm EST on ATRN. It is a free flowing, light-hearted conversation and call-in mixed with humor and wisdom on faith, family, life and current events. The show will feature segments on theology, searching for God, sports and spirituality, courageous choices, God’s favorite movies, songs, books and more. Reverend Doll and Rabbi Cohen will share their varying perspectives on issues of the day with an eye towards personal growth, Biblical insights and providing an anchor in a turbulent world. Beyond sharing both common and varying approaches in their faiths, the Rabbi and Reverend will draw on their decades of personal and professional experience to inspire you with timeless touchstones for life.

I Believe in Miracles for 03/29/2015

Tune in every Sunday Afternoon at 3PM and join Reverend Thomas James for his weekly sermon or inspiration and discussions on life’s miracles.

Animals Today for 03/29/2015

Currently in its seventh year of continuous broadcasts, Animals Today holds a unique place in the world of animal advocacy. Hosted by Dr. Lori Kirshner and co-host/producer Dr. Peter Spiegel, Animals Today promotes increased respect, compassion and kindness towards all animals including companion animals, animals in the wild and farmed animals. Via interviews, analysis and commentary, it provides the latest thinking and news about animal welfare with the goal of educating listeners of all ages about the current status of animals in society and what we all can do to make a difference.

Garden Rebel for 03/29/2015

Vince is a native Floridian who discovered his life’s passion early on. He was raised in Ft. Lauderdale and confesses that he started his gardening career by growing plants in soup cans.

The Garden Rebel understands that not every problem can be resolved in the same way and offers natural, environmentally safe solutions to the most common issues. Vince is a radio personality and expert, not an expert trying to be a radio personality.

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