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Jolene Roxbury Variety Hour for 04/18/2015

Jolene is an hour of hilarity filled with fun for the entire family. The show is truly a unique program that provides a silly safe-haven where listeners are invited to have a good time and escape the seriousness of the daily news and provocative political banter.

Out of the Friend Zone for 04/18/2015

Award-winning radio personality Heidi Selexa’s hit show “Out of the Friend Zone” joins America’s Talk Radio Network every Saturday at 8 PM EST. The one-hour program is a fun yet serious, authentic show examining interpersonal relationships. It unlocks the secrets of what is really going on in other people’s minds – and also serves as an open platform to expose and explain misunderstood signals, signs and messages between the sexes. Armed with her quick wit, infectious giggle, comedic timing, and never-ending energy, Selexa helps men understand what women want – and says what women really are thinking! Most importantly, the three-time March of Dimes A.I.R. Award winner for Best Personality and Best Radio Show helps men and women understand each other.

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Talkin’ Pets for 04/18/2015

Americans love their pets, and Jon Patch offers up lively, fun conversation about the animals that share our lives. Is your bird losing its feathers? Is your dog digging up the backyard? Maybe your cat is using your favorite chair as a scratching post? Jon can help callers cope with medical and behavioral questions relating to all kinds of domestic animals. Show Archives And Latest Show

Scuba Radio for 04/18/2015

ScubaRadio is radio talk show with a diving theme. Pictures are painted of the underwater world as listeners and guests share their diving adventures. Every diver has a story about the perfect dive, destination, or encounter with some amazing sea creature. ScubaRadio provides the forum. It’s like hanging out at a Tiki hut and sharing fish tales with friends. Listen to the latest show by clicking on the links below!

World of Boating for 04/18/2015

The World of Boating is the world’s first and only nationally syndicated radio show devoted to the boating lifestyle! Our mission is to promote the boating lifestyle and to keep current boaters active by presenting useful boating information spiked with a little attitude and irreverence. Imagine the hosts (referred to as the crew on the show) sitting on a boat chatting about a wide variety of boating issues. Listeners (referred to as the passengers on the show) call in with questions and share stories about their own experiences while on the water. Click on the links below to listen to the show!