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Vicious Litigator Suzy Marteny Joins the Show Line Up At America’s Talk Radio Network

America’s Talk Radio Network continues to expand and the newest addition to the family is Law Talk, hosted by “Vicious Litigator” Suzi Marteny. According to the colorful brochure, “Law Talk with Vicious Litigator Suzi Marteny will enlighten, entertain and inform her audience about current legal issues in the news, suggest possible ways to take legal action, how to find the right legal adviser for their needs and hopefully educate them so when their day in court arrives they will be prepared to face their adversaries.” Law Talk debuts May 3 and will air every Saturday at 11am ET. For more info about America’s Talk Radio Network, contact

Jon Patch, VP of Affiliate Relations & Programming at 727-826-0892

America’s Talk Radio Network Adds ScubaRadio, World of Boating and Just Plane Radio to Their Weekend Program Line-Up Starting May 3, 2014.

ScubaRadio: The first and only nationally syndicated radio show devoted to diving.  ScubaRadio’s mission is to promote all forms of diving and to keep current divers active by presenting useful dive information spiked with a little attitude and irreverence. Listeners have called it radio’s answer to Shark Week!

World of Boating: The first and only nationally syndicated radio show devoted to the boating lifestyle. Each week the WOB crew navigate the latest boating news and information as listeners call in with questions and stories about their experiences on the water.

Just Plane Radio:  The first and only nationally syndicated radio show devoted to the aviation lifestyle and learning how to fly. Imagine the hosts sitting in an airport hangar chatting about a wide variety of aviation issues, including the relatively easy process and freedom associated with becoming a private pilot.

Host Greg Holt states, “As we approach our 17th year on the air with ScubaRadio, I am excited to have our anniversary coincide with a new partnership with America’s Talk Radio Network. The goal has always been to reach as many people as possible with our unique niche lifestyle radio shows.  Our higher profile on America’s Talk Radio Network will take ScubaRadio, World of Boating, and Just Plane Radio to the next level!”

“I’ve personally worked with Greg Holt and his programming for many years and am proud to be promoting his three programs to radio stations across America.  I can honestly say these highly produced lifestyle programs would be a huge success on radio stations live or delayed.” says Jon Patch, VP Affiliate Relations & Programming for America’s Talk Radio Network.

America’s Talk Radio Network debuted March 1st, 2014 and is dedicated to finding great programming that will inspire, teach, and lift the American spirit. The operation is based in Tampa Bay, Florida and content is delivered via Satellite (Cumulus XDS) to stations. 

For more information go to AmericasTalkRadio.Com  or contact Jon Patch, VP Affiliate Relations & Programming at:

Phone:  727-826-0892


Talkin’ Pets with Jon Patch celebrates 24 years on Radio With America’s Talk Radio Network

On April 5, 2014, Talkin’ Pets with Jon Patch celebrates 24 years on the air.  Talkin’ Pets is heard live Saturdays 5-8 PM EST on America’s Talk Radio Network and each hour stands alone so stations can carry one or all three hours of the show.  Jon states, “Talkin’ Pets is entertaining and educational incorporating everything about pets, wildlife and the environment.  Almost like a morning show atmosphere we cover medical, behavior, holistic advise for your pets with emphasis on the latest news, pet products, animals in film plus so much more.  Animal organizations like the ASPCA, HSUS, Born Free, AHA, WSPA, LCA stop by to discuss the latest issues in the animal world.  Each week authors and celebrities like Betty White, Bob Barker, Tippi Hedren, Dean Koontz, Greg Louganis and so many others chat about their efforts to help our animal friends.  I guarantee you won’t find a show like ours, it will make you laugh, learn and listen and yes sometimes cry but overall it will make a difference in your lives as well as that of your pets and the animal world.”  The pet industry is a 60 billion dollar industry a year so Talkin’ Pets is truly a must have program on your station and whether you live your life with a pet or not you’ll know what we mean when you add it to your station line-up.

 For more information visit or contact Jon at

America’s Talk Radio Network 727-826-0892 or

America’s Talk Radio Network Announces Sunrise America!

Last week we told you America’s Talk Radio Network was set to launch on March 1. Plans just became more specific, as the company announced the March 3 debut of Sunrise America, which will run 6-9am ET weekdays. Hosted by Akos Jankura and John CremeansSunrise America will address current news stories, whether serious or bizarre. No topics will go uncovered, including politics, religion, business, sports and personal ethics. Experts will also weigh in on real estate, pets, travel, health, food, gardening, recreation, technology and entertainment. Each hour can stand alone, making the show available to air in single hours or all three, live or on delay. For more info, call VP Affiliate Relations and Programming Jon Patch at 727-873-6962 or email him.